Saturday, February 13, 2016

Welcome to Our World...

Hi, welcome to my crazy world. I'm a lawyer-turned DIY addict with a little bit of project A.D.D. I was happily ignoring DIY blogs and Pintrest (because I knew I would get too many ideas and not know when or where to stop), when my friend would not shutup until I looked at her favorite DIY blog. The inevitable happened, and I wanted to start making everything I read about IMMEDIATELY. I started out small, refinishing a wooden dresser that was in my boyfriend's family for about 50 years and looking very un-loved. I found that tearing things apart and putting them back together all pretty was VERY therapeutic for dealing with my stressful work...sanding layers of ugly abuse off old furniture was especially stress-relieving. That was almost 5 years ago, and it's been all downhill (from my boyfriend's point of view- uphill from mine:) from there. I started looking at blog after blog, starting one project after another....I was hooked. Finally, I had to buy a house to feed my DIY addiction. Then I finally gave into Pintrest (obviously!- it's so awesome!) when I "needed" new ideas for the house we were about to buy. Thanks to this little website, we have about 3 million things on our to-do list, and we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel AT ALL yet.

That brings us to the middle of a humongous renovation of a 3-story, 2,000 square foot townhome. I'm not really sure how this happened so fast, but good days and bad, we're loving the excitement of it all. It's amazing to see something beautiful and well-made when you finish a project. The satisfaction that comes from making something and seeing things transform is boyfriend, Mike, has even come around and began to really enjoy seeing his finished work.

We live on a tight budget (thanks a lot, student loans), and most times we have to be creative with how we tackle a big this house thing were working on :) With a lot of patience (and wine, on my part), we're always able to figure it out.

This blog started out with several other names I had thought of, but never really organized enough to publish it. It came to be known as Over-Inspired due to the fact that I love to watch a DIY show, get up off the couch when the episode is over and take a hammer to my walls...exactly the way I just saw them do it on TV! This method has cost me a lot of money at times, and I would suggest actually researching what you want to do before completely tearing your house apart! Anyway, we hope our journey inspires you and helps you figure out the best way to tackle your projects- big and small!

- Chantel and Mike

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